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Your Idea or Product

Come to us with your product or an idea and tell us about your vision. A brand new product or a product that need to be improved, we can help!

OUR Design

Our expert team of industrial designers will generate great concepts and design solutions to reflect on your vision.


Our mechanical engineers will make the design cost effective and easy to manufacture. We will select the appropriate production method for each part in order to streamline production and ease the assembly.


We will create a functional prototype for evaluation and promotion and help you find the right production team or work with yours, to get the product to the market.

Vertex product Development has a range of mechanical engineering talent to address your challenges. We specialize in product development and have been successful in existing product troubleshooting and innovative solutions, streamlining and cost reduction of existing designs, and design assessment. Let’s discuss how we can help define and develop your next mechanical engineering challenge.

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