18 Dec

This system, provides both security and power to the product on display in retail stores. We were asked to design a new anti-theft system for stores displaying cameras and cell phones at point of purchases. One of the objectives was to also design the electronics in the head module to be able to set it […]

18 Dec

Our second Jukebox design for Rowe International. We were asked to provide a new design for a floor standing Jukebox which will resemble the wall mounted unit we designed earlier. The design intent was to have a plywood construction for the back cabinet designed in such a way that the unit can fit a flat […]

19 Nov

This project was an interesting attempt to take this amorphous shoe stand design and convert it into a moldable one piece part design. When sneakers are being sold, the design of the sole is as important and the rest of the shoe. We were commissioned by Fila to help with the design of a shoe […]

18 Dec

The rapid market change of an old TV to a new flat and slim TV in the hotel environment, gave us the chance to work with a client who is in the Mini Bar revenue stream business. We were asked to design a low profile slim Mini Bar to fit with the new style of […]

18 Jul

This product is a small component of a larger system. This unit will house sensitive electronics which will interface with few cell antennas and will activate signal lights in sync across the total wind farm to alert any approaching aircraft about the tall windmill. The challenges here were to design a closed unit which is […]

18 Dec

The lighting manufacture company approached us and asked us to design this Matrix Moving Head. Our objectives were to build upon existing moving mechanism and design new covers and new look to this product using Vacuum Forming instead of Injection Molding. Other competitive product in the market used Injection Molding to achieve better details and […]

18 Dec

An emergency light fixture which we designed and engineered for Dual Lite. We worked closely with a lighting engineer to optimize the efficiency of the light reflector and make sure it will work with the new design of the fixture. Injection molded housing accommodating battery backup, and electrical circuitry.

18 Nov

Plate Bender is the device which printers use to assist with curving Aluminum printing plates to fit and roll round the printing drum. In this case, we were required to design a plate bender to assist with curving and creasing Polyester plate. Polyester plates need to have heat on the crease area in order for […]

18 Apr

Our challenges in this project were to take a very rough prototype made by the inventor and convert it to a fully operational exercise unit for the gym environment. We had to come up with a few proposals addressing key issues like the ease of setting the machine for different body types and sizes. Switching […]

18 Dec

This product was one of the first interactive user interface commercial kiosks that we were asked to design. The objectives were to design an entire kiosk using injection molding plastic parts that will house 19 inch touch display, camera, thermal printer, credit card reader & speakers. We had to design it to be vandal proof […]