18 Dec

This key tracking system was designed and engineered from the ground up for BuildingLink.com. We had to design a unique identification key tag holder and the entire storage drawer with the intelligence to map and keep track of any activity in the drawer. Any key removal or any key usage is monitored. A sheet metal […]

19 Nov

Mission Impossible, this is what we thought at first when the objectives of this product solution were demonstrated. We were asked to design a scalable, modular chuck that can hold a thin Silicon wafer from the bottom without touching the top side of the wafer and still be able to process and chemically thin the […]

18 Dec

This game console platform was developed for Merit Entertainment in order to provide a much needed face lift you their product line as well as for cutting production cost significantly. This was a very detail oriented tasks, we engineered all internal skeleton structure to be Die Cast Aluminum and all internal elements as well as […]

18 Jul

This product is a small component of a larger system. This unit will house sensitive electronics which will interface with few cell antennas and will activate signal lights in sync across the total wind farm to alert any approaching aircraft about the tall windmill. The challenges here were to design a closed unit which is […]

18 Dec

The lighting manufacture company approached us and asked us to design this Matrix Moving Head. Our objectives were to build upon existing moving mechanism and design new covers and new look to this product using Vacuum Forming instead of Injection Molding. Other competitive product in the market used Injection Molding to achieve better details and […]