18 Nov

This product design was a spin off on an earlier version electric meter that we designed for the client. In order to minimize on tooling investment, we were asked to take the same front bezel sub-assembly from one meter, and design a new meter which provides a complete new operational metering solution. This new design […]

18 Dec

An emergency light fixture which we designed and engineered for Dual Lite. We worked closely with a lighting engineer to optimize the efficiency of the light reflector and make sure it will work with the new design of the fixture. Injection molded housing accommodating battery backup, and electrical circuitry.

19 Nov

This small but powerful meter design was our first project for this client. Up to that point, all meters manufactured by the client were designed in house and were very simple looking functional meters. Getting us involved for the first time with the industrial design of this meter, the end result was a dramatic sales […]

05 Nov

This printing press machine design was our first product which we designed for Halm Industries out of total of 5. This was a concept machine developed by Halm and debut in Drupa that same year. The objectives were to design all the covers from a low cost structural foam parts and give the unit an […]

19 Nov

One of the great examples of before and after product design. This Super Jet EM was one press out of four that we had to design for Halm. In the before picture, one can see how a product is typically designed when only engineers are to design it. We were asked to re-visit the design, […]